ZEN International Trading Co. is a sourcing company based in the city of Yiwu, China. Our activities are approved by the Chinese Trade Cooperation and the Ministry of Foreign Economics.


With more than eight years experience, working mainly with the European countries, ZEN International Trading Co. provides expert help with international import - export, a large database of suppliers, as well as logistics (quality control, transport arrangement, documents of exportation, warehouses...) to ensure your Chinese purchases go as smoothly as possible. We guarantee high quality service, confidentiality, and continuous feedback in all the stages of the exportation process.


As a company, sustainable development and fair trade is very important for us ; thus, we are committed to working with suppliers to guarantee the rights of the workers. We do not use or support suppliers that employ children or those who do not respect and follow environmental standards.


Each new project presents challenges and opportunities, to provide a product that meets all customer wants and needs. To ensure your successful endeavors, we hope to be your Chinese trading partner.


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